Connecting two Epson 1430 Printers


Is there a proscribed procedure for connecting two Epson 1430 printers to the same Mac computer using Piezography Community Edition software?

Presently I have a 1430 and a 1400 connected and want to replace the Epson 1400 with another 1430. The existing 1430 is loaded with Carbon K6 piezo inks using neutral matte black and my intention is to set up the second 1430 with the Carbon K6 inks but with HD matte black.

Thank you



Unplug the old 1430 (temporarily)
Plug in the new 1430.
Go you your curves folder and duplicate the install command there (for the 1430).
Replace the “K6” with “K62” or whatever you want really, and run the install.

These new 1430 will be called K62 when you print to it and the old one will still work as K6.



Hi Walker

I followed your directions to set up the second Ep 1430 for piezography and the printer is recognized by QTR and I’m able to print an ink separation page via PrintTool, but there are no curves available in PrintTool (and I assume QTR) from which to choose.

Both 1430’s are recognized by the Epson utility and I’m able to perform nozzle checks and such.

It seems as if the install command created the printer, but did not load any curves.

Best, John


MacOS Sierra 10.12.6, QTR 2.7.7, PrintTool 2.1.1



Re-install QuadtoneRIP (this fixes permissions) and then make sure you run the install command from >Applications>Piezography>Curves-HD>1400-1430-K6



Thanks, Walker

Would installing QTR 2.7.8 over 2.7.7 work also?


Yep. That works too.



One more question, should I run the install command from the duplicated and renamed installer I created previously in the above folder after reinstalling QTR?

Thanks, John


yes. And when you run the installer it will show you an error if it couldn’t install the curves. So read what is displayed when clicking it.

best and cheers,


Hi Walker

Thank you, all appears ok now.