Confusion about ink positions with P2 DN and Print System for Epson r3000

Hi… first posting here. I just received this kit: Piezography2 Digital Negative and Print System - R3000

I’ve read the instructions and spent hours going over information on the Piezography and IJM sites and I’m getting confused about the ink positions for this particular kit. The instructions that accompany the kit (for the r3000) don’t seem to be specific for the P2 digital negative and print system and only refer to 8 ink positions. The instructions are about filling the cartridges and information about installing cartridges in the r3000, but the ink shade/position table doesn’t match this exact kit (maybe I’m missing something here). I also seem to be finding conflicting information about ink positions for this when I search the websites and this forum for information.

Could you please clarify, for this specific kit (P2DNPS-SEL-R3000-KITD) what the ink positions are or provide a link to an ink shade/position table specific to this printer and this kit? Also, is the photo black position just filled with PiezoFlush and not used?

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question with an obvious answer to experienced users.


The instructions only cover how to use the cartridges.
Piezography Instructions are covered in the New Piezography Manual. There is a very critical Gamma 2.20 workflow you must follow.
Ink positions are located for all dig negs on a document.
Both the manual and the document are located on the front page of this site’s Product Manuals.

Let us know if anything is not covered for you!

Thanks! Found info and figured it out. R3000 working fine with new carts/inkset.