ConeColor saturation vs. InkThrift for 1430


I’ve been a happy InkThrift CL user for two years, with my Artisan 1430. I am a graphic designer, so I am mostly printing graphic images w/ areas of flat color, NOT photographs, FWIW.

My main problem w/ InkThrift is that I cannot get the same brightness / saturation with reds/pinks/magentas/oranges as I can with the Epson OEM inks. When I’ve had to print a really bright red or a hot pink, I have to switch out all my cartridges for the Epson OEM cartridges temporarily.

I’m wondering if the ConeColor inks will be as bright as Epsom OEM? I would gladly upgrade to ConeColor for this functionality, but if there’s not much difference, I’ll save my money. My prints do not require longevity as they are just for presentation purposes.

I print on Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte.


For matte printing, our ConeColor inks with UltraHD Matte black ink will get to the chroma (saturation) you need and will get darker than the OEM dye ink + will be more archival by about 10000%.

They are more expensive inks but are worth it in my opinion.


Thank you. And will my chip resetter from 2016 work on the new ConeColor cartridges, or do I need a new one? Same printer, different inks.

It will work with the old chip resetter from 2016. No problem.