Conecolor profiles for 2200

I noticed on the conecolor site that you have K3 profiles for the 2200. -->

Now it just so happens that for some years I’ve been printing in my trusty old 2100 using K3 CC inks that I initially bought for an R2400. I made profiles myself using my i1 Photo. I assume that your K3 profiles are made with the same CC K3 inks that I’m using, i.e. leaving out the LLK ink since it’s only a 7 colour printer, and so I could use them if I so choose? (I’m asking because I thought that what I was doing was a little radical, but perhaps it was not so radical after all.)

Can I also ask a question about ? I realise that it’s an old document, but I noticed that it recommends relative colorimetric intent on a Mac and perceptual on Windows. Any reason for this?


p.s. is missing

We supplied K3 as a color gamut upgrade into the 2200 several years ago when we first released ConeColor. Since then we have increased the dMax and glossiness of the inks and re-released a few years back as ConeColor PRO. The ICCs we released for the 2200 are the original formulation.

I am using relative colorimetric from Windows 7. Our color management PDF needs to be updated.