Conecolor Pro inks expiration date and syringe maintenance


Here is a few questions for my epson 3880 pro

1- Can I extend the expiration date of the inks if the bottles are not opened, and kept in a cool place in the dark ? If so for how long ? Please list problems using inks after expiration date.
2- How do you clean your syringe and needle after filling a cart for the next filling time ( greater than 4 months), in order to avoid contamination or clogging ?
3- The same two questions for Thrift Inks



Hi Luc~

  1. Ink expiration dates are two years after the manufacture date, which is the industry standard for inkjet inks (including Epson). We say as long as inks are stored properly, shaken well before filling carts, and agitated on a regular basis as recommended, ConeColor inks can be safely used for up to about six months past the expiration dates. Some customers have used them longer, and had great results, but we can’t guarantee the results using inks longer than that.

  2. It’s best to rinse syringes and needles with warm tap water immediately after use (while ink is still wet), or order to get them clean for future use. I remove the syringe plunger and thoroughly rinse out the syringe parts, then fill with warm water, reinsert the plunger and force water thru the needle to clean the inside of the needle. If syringes and needles have been left with ink in them, and it dries, dried ink can be difficult to clean (you can try a bottle brush for the syringe, and possibly alcohol solution to soak needles). If they can’t be cleaned, and thick dried ink remains, new syringes and needles should be used.

  3. Dye ink is different from pigment in many ways, but should still be agitated before use, and follows the same expiration/life as pigment inks. Dye ink can stain certain materials easier, so syringes should always be rinsed with water right after use.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thanks Dana