ConeColor PK - Is is a good match for Pictorico film?

Before I order cartridges and ink for my 1400 I wanted to confirm that ConeColor PK will adhere and dry well on Pictorico’s OHP films.

My plan is to use an all-black (same dilution) with QTR (and low ink limits) to print digital negatives for alt printing (esp. Carbon and albumin)


Hi Dave~

Yes, ConeColor PK ink sticks to Pictorico OHP Ultra-Premium film, but is not the ink we designed our digital negative system for. Are you aware of our Piezography Digital Negative system?


Hi Dana

Yes, I’m aware of the Piezography Digital Negative system.

What I’m planning to do is similar to what a number of Carbon Transfer printers are doing to make their negatives, and that is to use an all-black inkset where all cartridges contain PK ink, undiluted. This allows the ink limits to be quite low so drying time (and pizza wheel marks) are reduced.

Testing by a number of respected individuals in the field show this to be a viable option. Most of them are using Epson’s K3 PK drained from the 220ml cartridges, but as I’m a tight budget I was planning to try the ConeColor K3 PK ink (if it’s known to adhere well to Pictorico - I had read some comments that it’s not as a robust on film as Epson’s ink).

Can I assume (by reading between the lines) that your Piezography DN inks are a better choice for working with Pictorico films? From a purely ink/film compatibility perspective are they a better choice than ConeColor inks?

(my thinking here is to use the Piezography Selenium shade 1 or 2 as my “black” rather than the ConeColor PK…)

Needless to say this requires building and testing a QTR curve.


For this purpose, I recommend using our Piezography Warm-Neutral shade #1, which was developed for digital negative/film printing, and works very well.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana

Thanks Dana, that’s great to know. I will be ordering soon.


You’re very welcome! :slight_smile: