ConeColor cartridge and ink shows empty when full on Epson 9900



I’m using coneColor refillable cartidges and coneColor ink.

My Epson 9900 has been showing the ink level of the VLM cartridge going down rather quickly, while other cartridges were not showing such ink use. I was a bit mystified why more VLM ink was being used but just went with it. When it showed that it needed replacing, I took it out found that it was quite full. I reset the chip and put it back in the printer and it now registers full.

I asked epson and they said to clean the contacts on the chip, which I haven’t done, as I had already reinserted it when I talked to them and it was now reading full after the reset.

Any idea why this happened?



The chip is totally unaware of the contents of a cart (this is both OEM and 3rd party.) It starts as full and then the Epson firmware computes the amount of ink formed in droplets during printing and nozzle checks, as well as the volume used in cleaning operations, and then it reduces this amount from 100% full in periodic write-to’s to the chip. The chip can be removed and the memory of ink remaining is coded onto the chip.

If it is draining quickly in regards to the ink remaining level - then there is a possibility that the connection may be less than ideal or the chip is beginning to reach end of life. If cleaning it does not correct - please let us know.



I have had the exact same issue with my 7890 with CC carts and ink the VLM is reading roughly 20 % however, when I remove it to give my carts a little shake to keep the pigments in suspension the VLM seems to have the same amount of ink as all the other cartridges roughly 80% full. This is the first time the carts have been filled. Have you found a solution to this issue any help would be greatly appreciated!


5063- when you reset the chip of your VLM cartridge, does the ink level reset to full on the printer’s LCD panel, or remain at the same level as before resetting?


I ordered a new chip to replace it. I hope this will solve the issue for the moment. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks!


Ok, keep me posted!! :slight_smile:


Received the chip today and replaced the old one it now reads 100% full. I will have to remember it is actually 20 % less full than what it is reading until the next refill and reset.