Cone Type2 alternative paper

I would like to use my Type2 paper to print color images with a RIP software. What paper profile (ICC) closely matches the Cone Type 2? Canson, Hahnemuehle? If so, what paper?

Thanks. Oliver Klink.

RIPs are too different. They won’t work with ICCs built on top of a different setup like the Epson driver. Sorry for the bad news on that.


Here is what I am trying to accomplish. Print my images with the piezo ink (for the greyscale portion of the image). I use Type 2.
Then I would like to print an overlay color layer on top of the piezo print. Using my “color” Epson printer. I do have a RIP for my color Epson Printer, which comes with multiple ICC profiles (but not Type2). Trying to figure out what would be the closest ICC match :slight_smile:
BTW, have you ever tried such a technique (double printing - leveraging the ink depth of piezo; overlaying color (instead of hand painting on top).
Thanks … Oliver.

I do something similar to this with Platinum/Paladium as the bw layer and then inkjet underneath.

You will not get good color gamut with color above the monochrome portion. You have to do color first.

This would require specialized rip software and a CMYK workflow that allows you to strip out the K and just print CMY. The existing (RGB) profile will simply not work and will in fact ruin the image more than printing without an ICC entirely. ICCs are build for very specific media types (ink loads) and drivers (channel overlays) so they are more specific to that then some overwhelmingly specific characteristics of a particular paper. (As someone who has done wild experimental color management since 2002 take my word for it.)

If you have access to a. rip, you will need to build a custom CMYK icc profile.

The major problem with double inkjet is registration. When I print color under platinum/palladium I can pin register with film/paper but not so with inkjet going through rollers on a printer. This will be the major limiting quality factor besides color.

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