Cone "Inkthrift" dye inks vs Epson - really compatible?



This is probably a minor problem, but I’m curious about what others have experienced. The promotion of Cone dye inks indicates that they can be used “right over the top” of Epson dye inks. I recently switched from Epson to Cone inks, and had a bit of trouble in two ways - severe banding, and very different color balance. Have others experienced the same things? The next paragraphs describe what happened:

I had made some excellent prints using my Epson dye inks just 12 hours before inserting my Cone Inkthrift keys and carts. Before making another print, I ran two head cleaning cycles and checked print head alignment again. But the first print with Inkthrift was awful - muddy, dark, and way off toward the blue tonal range.

I ran a nozzle check, and noticed several black lines in the yellow part of the test pattern. I repeated my head cleanings and nozzle checks three times, and got the same results each time.

I downloaded and ran a color test pattern, printed that out, and noticed little or no difference between LC and C colors, plus severe banding in all colors except black (remember, I had just checked to be sure print heads were aligned), and black bands about 2mm (1/8 inch) wide in the yellow column of the test pattern.

Out of frustration, I let the printer sit idle for 12 hours, then printed out the color test pattern again. It came out perfectly this time!

Now I can make prints, but I’ll need new printer profiles, since the color balance of my InkThrift inks is far different from that of my Epson dye inks. Blue and red are much more prominent in prints made with the Cone inks. This isn’t a deal-breaking problem, since I can make my own printer profiles, or purchase profiles which are professionally made. But it does seem that if others have had problems similar to mine, Inkjetmall shouldn’t be implying that their inks are interchangeable with Epson dye inks.


I have the same issue . I am not able to make my own profiles so to make a print requires considerable adjustment. any chance of som ageneric profile fp inkthrift cl




The inks are compatible if you are using the recommended Epson color management used to run their own inks. But there are some things to watch our for.

  1. Because the capsules can be placed into any key - double check that you have not reversed the cyans or and the magentas. i.e. cyan capsule in lt cyan key, or and magenta capsule in lt magenta key.

  2. Is your nozzle check perfect?


Just to be clear…InkThrift CL are color compatible to Epson Claria.

InkThrift Pro are NOT compatible to Ultrachrome.

InkThrift DB are color compatible to Durabrite.