Cone Color require removal and reinstall on Epson 7900


Recently I purchase the complete set of 11 Cone Color inks with the chip resetter and new ink cartridges for my Epson Stylus Pro 7900. Everything works fine, and all ink cartridges have been installed. As the instructions mentions in several places, the new ink cartridges should not require being “reset” – they come reset. So I have not reset them. However, every time I power on my printer, without fail cartridge errors appear for all 11 cartridges. When I open the cartridge doors, eject each cartridge, and then reinsert each one (and I usually take the opportunity to gently shake each cartridge and remix the pigment some at this time), the printer recognizes the cartridges and we are back to printing. Is this normal? Should I have to eject and then reinsert all 11 cartridges each time I turn the printer on? This will get a bit tedious, and I fear that eventually I’ll end up damaging one of the chips in pulling them in and out daily.

On some printers this happens (most printers no, but I had one 9900 like this once). It’s a firmware thing (not exactly the chips) but I don’t recommend updating the firmware.

You do not have to take a cart out.

  1. First things first, open the ink bays (manually pry them if the printers is off, it’s ok.)
  2. Now flip the two white ink bay switch levers up (each lever is at the top left of each ink bay). This will enable you to print while your bay covers are open.
  3. On startup when you get the red X’s, simply flip the left ink bay switch down and then back up. It will register the carts at this point.
  4. Yu can keep the ink bay covers out. Just keep the switches flipped up and the printer will think the ink bay covers are closed.