Cone Color Pro vs InkThrift DB

I have a question about the inks on your site. I have an Epson Workforce Pro 4740 printer and I print both documents in text and images and photos on this printer. I researched the ConeColor Pro Ultra HD Matte and Photo inks and also the Vivid Magenta Cone Color Pro inks. My questions are is the Ultra HD Matte Cone Color Pro ink Encapsulated and is it compatible with my Epson Workforce Pro printer which I found refillable cartridges for at 2 other sites? I need the highest density pigment ink for best contrast ratios in my prints, so I am interested in the blackest black and the deepest and most vivid colors. Is there also any difference in not just the glossiness of the ConeColor Pro vs the Inkthrift DB color inks but also is there differences in the color density and vividness between the two brands and what is compatible in color choices for my Epson Workforce Pro 4740 printer? I print mainly on plain paper and matte paper but also occasionally glossy or semi glossy photo paper. If the ConeColorPro Ultra HD Matte ink is encapsulated that would make a huge difference in printing for me on any type of paper and also for compatibility with the Epson Durabrite Ultra ink. Most Matte inks that I found were conventional and not encapsulated so I need to know if these Matte inks are truly encapsulated or not. I print thousands of pages and primarily text with high definition images on high quality plain or matte paper. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thank you!

CCPRO is what you’ll want. It is compatible with just about all Piezoelectric heads so while we haven’t tested it on the Workforce printers, I can safely say it will work.

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Thank you so much! I’m excited that the Cone Color Pro can work with my Workforce Pro printer. My last questions are if the matte blacks are encapulated the same as photo blacks? And also do I need to use Regular Cone Color Pro Magenta or can I also use Vivid Magenta on Epson Workforce Pro 4740

  1. All our inks are encapsulated. Even our dye inks to a certain extent.
  2. Use the HDX Vivid Magenta. That is the most recent (most advanced) formulation.