Cone color ink with piezography in LK, LLK, PK / MK positions in R2880

I want to use the Cone Color inkset but replace the LK, LLK, PK and MK positions with the equivalent piezography blacks. If I do this can I use the Cone Color or paper manufacturers profiles when printing? My goal is to get increased dmax and better shadow detail but still retain color.

No you should make your own ICC profiles. But if you were to replace these positions with Piezography - your best results will be in using them with QTR and developing your own curves that use only these three shades of ink.

Just came across this post today. I’m using a SEL 4 & SEL 5 in the LK & LLK positions with my Cone Color inkset , but as Jon pointed out, you do have to create your own profiles as the Peizography inks are not the same as regular LK & LLK. But it does produce a very clean print!

Thanks for your input KeithR :slight_smile: