Cone 5 profile studioprint

how close in profile is cone 2 paper to hahnemhule photo rag. If I print with studioprint, can I use the same profile and just relinearize?

You need to create your own ICCs for StudioPrint unless you are using Epson RGB driver inside of studioprint in which case you can’t linearize it.

Best bet, create your own ICC or get a custom one from us


Yes I know the details. My question is; if I have an environment already created for phot rag, will it be close enough to cone 2 to duplicate the environment and just relinearize it or would I have to create a whole new environment? I’ve done this before with other papers

Is what it is

my bet is that it will be pretty darn close.

In my past work with StudioPrint CMYK environments and rag papers, once I re-linearized for another paper the ICC was very close. That said, Type2 takes slightly less ink than HPR . . .


Can I just reduce the ink load by 5 or 10% and still use the same environment?

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always test with current ink load first then limit. Yeah you can probably get away with a bit less.



Is what it is