Cone 4 paper?



While shopping for K7 selenium ink refills, I came across mention of [B]Jon Cone Studio Type 4 paper[/B]. It was described in the adjoining paragraph:

“As for its final color in glossy printing, on JonCone Studio Type 4 paper it’s very reminiscent of Ilford fiber based… maybe even a dead ringer. Probably hard to get any more replicant than this combination. Not to ring the bell to loud, but this may be the best possible replacement for the actual short bath, selenium-toned, fiber based silver print.”

Cone 2 and Cone 5 are my favorites for matte and glossy printing, and Cone 4 sounds promising. I couldn’t find Cone 4 elsewhere on the Inkjetmall website. When will Cone 4 be made available for sale?



We sourced Type 4 paper and sold it for a short while until a much larger company “discovered” it and decided to private label it themselves. That pretty much put an end to our selling it.

You can just buy it as it is better known now as EEF. That is how we buy it and the quality control of it is much higher than when we were selling it.


Thank you, Jon. I might try it, though I generally avoid EEF because of concerns with OBA content. Cone 2 and Cone 5 remain my favorites.