Compatability/ QTR & Epson 1400 Questions

Looking to set up an Epson 1400 with Piezography BW (unique split tone set) & QTR and I have a few questions…
First, Can I run QTR on a mac osx 10.12 with older PhotoShop CS3?
Second, Can I still use my Color Munki for making profiles and /or linerization?
Third, Is there a max print length on the 1400 with QTR? I need to do 11"x31" pano prints.



Piezography Professional Edition Software Toolset v2 | InkjetMall

hmm. I believe there is no maximum for QTR on the 1430 unlike with the Epson driver. But I have not confirmed on the 1430, just other printers.


Thanks Walker!
Also, can I use the PPE Toolset & QTR with my 7600 and Piezo BW (split tone)?
I appreciate the info!


All the best,