Color Pofile for Printing

Most of my images are edited in the ProPhoto RGB profile. I know this is not the proper gamma, so I have tried to convert to Generic Gray Gamma 2.2 using Photoshops convert function. I always use a step scale on my images for digital negative printing. With Gray Gamma, the values on the scale shift dramatically (70% becomes 62%). If I convert to Adobe RGB, I do not get this shift (the values remain accurate).

What is your recommended workflow for conversion of profiles? Is it fine to just use Adobe RGB?

You can convert your images from the embedded ProPhoto RGB to Adobe RGB(1998), which used Gamma 2.2.
For the best results, your images should have an embedded profile of Gamma 2.2 or Adobe RGB(1998) for Piezography printing.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: