Color changes with size of print!


OK… this seems pretty strange. Anyone with any clues?
Epson 3880, New machine in Jan. 2012. Not abused, overly used, etc. Using Cone Color inks since mid-2012. No problems, beautiful prints.
I print via Adobe Lightroom 4.
I recently printed a beach scene with a blue Caribbean sky on Epson premium Enhanced Matte paper (8-1/2" by 11" paper). Again, a perfect print.
I then printed the same file on 17"X 22" paper - all settings in printer Setup unchanged (other than size).
This time, however, the sky is correctly blue-colored at the top of the page but quickly becomes a sickly pale green color as the sky progresses toward the horizon.
Blues in other parts of the image seem minimally affected also (not as much as the sky). All other colors (sand, rusty boat, etc.) are all OK.
Ran a nozzle check, then nozzle clean. Test pattern printed OK.
Printed same 2 sizes again, same problem.
The cartridges have never run dry, the ink levels were all between 1/2 and full, all carts were filled with the correct colors.
Can’t figure out why a change in print SIZE would affect one print color.
Any ideas?


This is very strange indeed! When you print a nozzle check after one of these strange color-shifted prints, are all eight positions fully printing, or did any nozzles or color positions drop out during printing (and caused the color shift)?

Is this happening with any other images (or is the only/first you’ve tried)?

Let me know and Ill try to help you resolve this strange issue~ Dana :slight_smile: