Color change after less than a day with Cl ink

yesterday I received my ink thift CL dye 6 color ink and filled my printer Which is Epson L1800 after empty Prev ink and make ink charge using L1800 adjustment program after this I profile ink with paper using Colormunki and print with it a test image … the print output is perfect with sharp and very good saturated colors after about 6 hours I look at the print and feel that color changed with foggy darks and yellowish overall cast so I print the same image and compare it with the old one and find the same result …. where is the problem

how much time it will take to answer this from support ???

We have been on our vacation (Christmas to New Years every year).

Did you have this print under another piece of paper when it was drying down? I think this could be the issue.
All dyes do change slightly within a 24hr period FYI. You may want to get a custom ICC profile done in this circumstance as the dye sets are not made to be color-equivalent to existing ink for this printer.


I print a lot of photos and the same thing happen
as I told you I made a custom color profile for this ink and when the print came out of printer its perfect
I notice that ink bottle production date is 2016

So sorry. When you made your ICC did you let it dry 24hrs before reading? Please do this if not.

These dyes impregnate the media over a period of time. They act very different than pigments.


Aha so you say that its normal for your ink thrift CL that it color change a lot during first 24 because its dye ink >>this is strange!
I have 2 L1800 printers one filled with ink thrift and other with Epson T673 which is lower quality than Claria ink and much less expensive
when print came out 2 outputs are identical but after hours ink thrift changes and T673 no change and they both dye ink with one labeled fade resistance dye ink !

I want to know if this color shift and faded colors is normal for ink thrift cl or there is a problem in my setup

There is no problem with your setup. This is a normal thing. It takes 24hrs with IT-CL to stabilize. Build the ICC after 24hr dry-down. Keep the print uncovered.


will the ink thrift pro have better stability than claria ? note that photos printed with this printer will be cold laminated immediately after printed