Color cast in Blaks PK & MK



Help! I am printing Black and white via lightroom 4.4 having done conversions via Silver EFX pro II and I seem to be getting a green hue in the deep blacks. I have tried printing the files as RGB and also B&W via lightroom and still get the green hue in the Blacks. I am printing with MK on matt paper at the moment however I had the same issue using PK ink with a different paper stock also. My monitor is calibrated via a color Munki and I am using the manufactures profile for the prints. ( Red River Aurora white ) using there suggested printer settings. Any suggestions?
Update I have tried printing with PK ink with RR Linen and getting the same color cast in the darkest/blacks area of the print all is the same as with the MK printing also using RR icc profile. I made a print with my R3000 of the same file on glossy paper and epson PK ink set and it is much better. No color cast in the dark/shadow area of the image.

Files are being saved as 300dpi 16 bit PS Adobe RGB 98 from Silver EFX pro II



Print B&W with color inks can be tricky, and I recommend you get a custom profile specific to your exact printer, ink, paper and print setting combination for optimal results. Have you tried printing thru one of our CCP-R3000 profiles for a similar paper? If not, this would be a good thing to try before having a custom profile made.

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Hi Dana,
Can you fill me in on the CCP-R3000 profile you mentioned? I am in the process of making a profile for the paper with the Color munki as I write this. I will let you know what happens. I have printed both B&W and Color without this color cast on different papers. I believe it is a profile issue however I can’t quite find the solution.


Sure, but first please let me know if you are printing from Mac or PC? What operating system and Photoshop versions?
Please let me know your results after making your own profile with the Color Munki.

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I think I failed to mention I am printing with the 7890. I am using your inks except for PK and MK (700ml carts) just running through them and I will replace them with cone carts and ink when they are empty. I am printing from a mac mini 10.6.8 and lightroom Version 4.3 I have made profiles with the Color Munki and they still seem to have a color issue. The prints are better however still not quite right. I was having good luck printing with the manufactures profiles both B&W and Color and suddenly it has just gone bad no matter what I do to correct the issue. Any suggestions?


Thanks for the additional information. Have you printed a nozzle check to confirm all channels are fully printing? What application did you print the targets used to make the Color Munki profile? What print settings did you select, including the media type setting? I see you purchased six refill carts and ConeColor inks in February this year, and two more in July. About how long have you been using ConeColor inks in your 7890 printer? About how often have you been agitating the ink cartridges and using the printer, vs. how long does the printer sit unused? If you have been using ConeColor inks for several months with good results, but haven’t been regularly agitating the carts and/or using the printer, you may be seeing the effects of settled pigment in your output. If this is the case, shaking the cartridges to get pigment in suspension and doing some power clean cycles should help.

Please let me know so I can help, thanks- Dana


I do a nozzle check before each printing session. Application was the Color Munki software which opened the standard printer dialog window. I selected the recommended settings from the paper manufacturer including selecting the correct paper surface for the profile being made. I started using the Cone inks in May. I have agitated the inks by either gently rocking the printer every 2 weeks and have removed each of the cartridges and shaken them by hand twice since May. I have had to do more than a few cleaning cycles for nozzle clogs so I think the ink in the lines has been kept fresh / pigments in suspension. I would say two weeks would be the longest it has gone without printing. If I don’t have printing to do I will run a nozzle check weekly/biweekly and clean any channel that shows any issues. I also have kept the humidity between 40 and 60 percent to help prevent clogging. I have followed the protocols you have mentioned. I think it is something besides settled ink.


Excellent, this is very helpful. Based on your order history, it looks like you purchased six refill carts and 350ml ink bottles in February, then in July purchased the LK cart and ink, along with a second bottle of VLM ink. I assume you filled the carts with the initial bottle purchase, and only the VLM cartridge has been refilled since originally filling earlier this year- correct? If so, your agitation routine should be sufficient to maintain in-suspension pigment in the ink carts, though if the printer sits unused for a few weeks, you will want to do a few cleaning cycles (after shaking carts) to help mix up ink in the lines before printing a nozzle check or test print. About how long ago did you install the LK refill cart?
If you’d like, I can try making you a custom color profile with our system, which uses over 1700 color patches to build a high quality ICC profile, and see if it gives you better results than what you’re getting from ColorMunki.

I hope this helps, please keep me posted.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Lk was started in late August. I was having and issue with the VLM cartridge reading almost empty and I purchased a replacement chip for it from you which solved the issue. I did purchase a new 350 ml VLM from you however, I have not had to refill the cartridge yet. I would be interested in doing that what would the cost be? I just need to get the printer up and running correctly as I have spent way to much time and material fighting with it. I was trying to print a series for and artist opening and have run short of time to get it printed matted and framed so a good opportunity missed! Question, you asked about the profile I made with the Color Munki. Just to be clarify is there some other way of selecting the application that the operating system uses to make the profile? Did I possibly miss something when making the profile that I was not aware of?




I have actually only made one printer profile with the ColorMunki (over a year ago), and mainly just use it for monitor calibration, as we have a top of the line professional profiling system, which we use to make custom profiles, as well as any profiles we need in our studio. Without much experience using it for making printer profiles, I’m not fluent with all the details, but know our profiling system uses over 1700 color patches to make a profile, whereas the ColorMunki system uses I believe two sections of up to 50 patches, so I suspect our custom profiles may be more accurate and have a wider range.

I do know that color management with newer Macs and Photoshop versions doesn’t correctly print without color management (which is necessary for making an ICC profile), so Adobe came out with a Color Printing Utility. When using Mac 10.6.8 and Photoshop CS5 or higher, you should print targets thru ACPU to be correctly printed without any color management, to get the best profile and output results. I haven’t yet updated our color profiling manual to reflect this Mac color management chaos, but have started directing individuals to this information if they contact me about having custom color profiles made. I just posted a new article about the Adobe Color Printer Utility, which you can read here:

Please let me know if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


I have a similar issue with color. I was seeing a tint in the LK black when I put it directly on paper. The cast is the same color as the ink raw ink on the paper. Try drpping a few drops on a sheet of paper. Let it sit and then wipe it. Test LLk LK and PK. the issue was in the LK and slightly in the LLK