Color back again after Power Cleaning, but won't stay

Hi! I am Peter and I’m new as a registered member on the forum. This is my first subect. If it is filed in the wrong cathegory, I would be grateful if Administrator move it to where it belongs.

Epson 7900 owner since a year, I found this place half a year ago and I have had the pleasure to take part of valuable knowledge and great attitude here. Now I feel the need to formulate my own question because I don’t recognise my case elsewhere.

ISSUE: It’s about the Cyan color in my Epson 7900. At Nozzle Check, the Cyan pattern has only a fraction of the lines intact. One or two Normal Cleanings doesn’t affect the Nozzle Check pattern at all, but after only one Power Cleaning the Nozzle Check pattern again shows up perfectly! When I then, in happy spirits, print something, the Cyan color is, to my disappointment, gone again. So I understand that the color reaches the nozzle in the Power Cleaning, but kind of doesn’t stay there. Anyone who could give a plausible explanation of what happens and what to do about it? Something about an air bubble? Just changed to new Cyan ink cartridge and made two-three normal cleanings initially. The issue existed before changing the ink cartridge.

I don’t know if Damper Assembly have ever been replaced, and would that be a possible, or even the probable, cure?

If I am lucky enough that the printer survives this crisis, I feel I’m also ready for a refillable solution.

Yep, just need to replace the damper assembly. This should fix it. Having carts that are half full or more also helps. So this is where refilables actually are better than OEMs (ink pressure).


Thanks a lot for that answer!!! I’ll check if Epson can deliver the spare part (damper assembly). I still didn’t understand what the purpose of the damper is, and in what way it gets old or worn out. I would consider it a bonus to know that. Maybe in my next life :smile: