Closing top cover after kiss installed

There is a warning in the instructions for installing your CISS in a P600 about never tricking the printer into working with the top cover open.

I have installed the CISS and with the cartridges in place, the tubes running from them and the sense-switcher in the correct position, there is no way I can close the top cover.

I didn’t want to do anything to ruin the chips per your warning but have no idea how to proceed since I can’t close the top cover.



Please re-read the warning.

It’s the INK CARTRIDGE cover SWITCH. You don’t want to pull a cartridge when the printer thinks the ink cartridge cover is down.

This can ruin the contact.

However, when a cartridge resets, the printer will stop and show a cartridge error. Just pull the small ink cover key (black plastic thing you got with the CISS) and place it back. This will tell the printer to check cartridges again and it will show full and start printing.

With this CISS you will never have to pull a cartridge. If, for some reason you DO need to pull cartridge, make sure the black plastic ink cover key is pulled out FIRST.


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When I try to print it tells me “Close the printer cover.” Since I can’t close it, what do I do?

Between the cover key, which holds the cartridge bay cover up a lot and the ink tubes, there is no way to close the cover enough to trigger the switch that tells the printer the cover is closed.

I could push something into the slot where the cover switch is and try to make the printer think the cover is closed, but that is explicitly what your instructions said not to do.

On another matter, can I simply install the filters in the ink reservoirs rather than having to pull the plugs when printing and re-insert them when not printing?

Take the CARTRIDGE cover off if you haven’t yet.

Then close the PRINTER cover.


Well, that is a simple solution.

There is absolutely no mention of removing the cover in the instructions. Would have saved me a huge amount of anxiety if there had been.



How about the issue about installing the filters that come with the system in the vent holes.

Can I do this instead of opening the holes to print and closing them when not printing?

This is the way other CIS systems I have used in the past have worked.


Yes, the rhapsody of the Spell Checker…

so sorry. Adding it to the new instruction set.

You can install the filters. These filters can get gunked up if you slosh ink and this can create issues with pressure FYI. It’s optional.


Many thinks.

Again, can I use the filters on the ink reservoirs instead of opening and closing the vent holes?

Put them in the small vent holes that reside on the ink tanks.

There only.

One last question. Is it normal for this printer to complain that it can’t read one or two cartridges between printings and require me to remove and replace the little Key and then ignore their string of ink warnings?

If not, what can I do to fix this issue?