Clogging in Shade 1 and 2


When there is a clog in the nozzle check pattern in Shades 1 and 2 banding is not as evident as when there is clogs in shades say 6 and 7.

do nozzle clogs have worse effect in higher shade numbers?

is does seem that way.



Hi stump-

Are you saying if one individual nozzle is missing from shade 6 or 7, the banding is more visible than if a single nozzle is missing from shade 1 or 2?
If you open a curve to view it’s structure, you will see that shades 6 + 7 range from 0 to about 60%, whereas shades 1 + 2 range from about 80 to 100%, so the lighter shades cover more area, and may cause what you are seeing.