Clogged PK buffer R3000

I’ve viewed your tutorials on line more than a few times regarding general maintenance and cleaning of the R3000. I’ve been having the PK smear problem. In regards to that, I read in DPR’s forum of a clogged PK buffer with the R3000. The writer tried using an IJM PK cart with Piezoflush using a monotone test pattern, printing until the PK had been flushed out. He added that the printer should be left idle for at least a week, then to print to print another test pattern. I’m still experiencing the smears, although they’ve been substantially diluted by the Piezoflush. The idea is to allow the Piezoflush to dissolve the pigment until the black is gone. With that in mind, you recommended replacing the inking system with one purchased from Compass Micro. Given that I have yet to purchase a manual, Compass Micro has noted that replacing the R3000 inking system is very difficult. You’re a skilled technician with these printers; I am a klutz. Is the replacement of the inking system a task for mere mortals such as myself?

Thanks in advance, CharlieS

Hi Charlie~

Replacing the ink system in your R3000 can be done fairly easily with basic tools and technical experience, but you must be able to carefully read/follow instructions and have patience to work with small parts. I recommend downloading the service manual from and reading thru the whole procedure before determining if you feel confident to do it yourself, or if you need to find a technical friend to help you with the repair.

I wish you the best of luck!
Warmly~ Dana