Clogged Magenta on R3000

Hello, I have a clogged magenta nozzle, here is the nozzle check pattern: I’ve ran countless cleaning cycles. I’ve wiped the bottom of the print head with a paper towel soaked in Magic Bullet unclogger. I’ve also left a strip soaked in magic bullet underneath the printhead overnight hoping it would evaporate and unclog (saw this method on youtube). Nothing works, any ideas guys?

If not a single nozzle has changed from clogged to un-clogged, this seems to be an issue with your cleaning assembly (vacuum) not being able to suck ink properly, or your cartridge/damper not letting ink get to the head properly.

Did you clean the cleaning assembly?

Videos and cleaning procedures:


If this is an issue with vacuum or damper how would I go about fixing it, do I need to flush the entire system?

The parts are available at (in north america)

There are essentially two printer parts that can cause this issue (aside from just a bad head): the cleaning assembly (vacuum and flush pad etc) and ink supply assembly (ink lines, dampers, and inlet spikes that the cartridges go into).

BUT, The first thing to do is buy an OEM (Epson) Magenta cartridge and put it in. Do some cleanings and see if anything changes. This is the cheapest and easiest solution to see if something is just stuck at the cartridge end. If that clears it up we’ll send you a new cartridge.

If it doesn’t clear up, the next solution is really up to you. It can be more expensive in time to replace the ink and cleaning assembly and it is not guaranteed to solve the problem if the head has been damaged by the printer being in this state.


I bought the OEM Cartridge and ran cleanings, no change. I’ve used QTR Rip to run Piezoflush through the magenta channel, no change. I ran Ink Charge through the Adjustment Program, no change. Is my printer done for?

I think you have a dead ink supply system (damper assembly and pressurizer).


How do I fix it?

Also how do I know it’s not a broken head, I don’t want to replace the ink supply system only to find that the head is broken. At that point it would have been cheaper to buy a new printer.

First-off, the head on this printer is very good (same head as on the 3880 and 4880 and 7880, etc). So if it’s working that head is valuable even on other printers that you could buy super cheap because they have a bad head.

But, the “how do I fix it” question is a difficult topic that could fill many volumes. The best starting place is to head over the the epson wide format forum and see if anyone has the repair manual. | Home

Or purchase it at This will give you step-by-step trouble-shooting and repair guides.