Clogged heads on my 3880



I was out of the country and had not used my 3880 for two months. The printer is 2 years old. I have the cartridges from Inkjetmall and they have been very useful. The reds come out as a peach color. I printed a nozzle check … the magentas are almost absent as is yellow and everything else is a bit light. The cyans seem fine. Repeated head cleanings have not resulted in any improvement. I have the piezoflush solution and the kit for cleaning small printers with the syringe. I have all the piezo flush cartridges for the 3880 and the peizoflush solution. Can I get some instructions on what to do to get the heads unclogged? I checked the forum and they recommend a third party program which runs only on Windows.
Since I am on a Mac and have no access to MS Windows, are there work-arounds to charging the piezoflush solutions and running cleaning cycles and then loading the inks and charging them again?
I can follow instructions especially when followed by images or diagrams but am a 4 - 5 on the handy scale 10 meaning I can take apart the printer and put it back together again in a working mode and 1 meaning I know how to run a nozzle check. Any help to get it going would be very helpful.


Hi Praki~

Did your printer have ink or PiezoFlush carts installed while it sat unused?
Did you shake your ink carts before starting to print again (to get pigment back in suspension, after settling from lack of use)?
Are you saying the magentas and yellow channels are printing light on your nozzle check, or only a few nozzles are printing from those channels?
Please remove your ink carts to check the physical ink level.

Please let me know, so I can try to help you past this and back to happily printing.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: