Clogged C,M,Y

I recently got some piezo flush and cleaned out my nozzles, my R2400 hasn’t printed seriously in a few months and it’s developed some pretty crazy clogs. The piezo flush worked well, but the cyan, magenta, and yellow are completely blocked. I even took out the cartridge tray and cleaned it, and the part at the bottom that has a metal cage screwed to it. After all this I installed the carts, and ran a nozzle check followed by 3 head cleanings. The Cyan has a few blank lines, but magenta and yellow have the middle part of the check missing. Can anyone suggest what to do further?

I’m thinking you mean the print head when you say

the part at the bottom that has a metal cage screwed to it

Also, what do you mean exactly when you say you got some flush and cleaned out the nozzles? Did you put the flush into cartridges and run the 3 cleaning cycles and verify your Nozzle check?

Have you tried to gently remove the clog using the Head attachment that’s supplied in the Piezoflush Cleaning kit?

Yes, the print head my bad! I followed the instructional video directions. I used the head attachment and ran them all through each color. The weird thing is when I ran it through the yellow channel ink started to spit out of the magenta channel, even if I pushed it very slowly. Any idea what that could be? I also read that it’s possible to remove a clog if you soak the ink sponges in windex or piezo, and let the print head sit there over night. Could that work?

The manifold inside of the print head is bad and there is no fix other then replacement for that problem.

Hmm, the manifold being the black plastic cage that houses the carts? I took that out and flushed it and seemed ok. Could it be the print head itself that has a clog? Just tried some piezo flush thru the cyan and yellow and ink came out of the other 2 channels.