Clogged C and LC nozzles on 9890

Hi, Our C and LC nozzles are clogged, to the point of not seeing blue in prints any longer. We cleaned the print head and wiper according to the video provided on your website with piezo flush. Afterward we did a cleaning, and the results of the nozzle check showed a significant difference in clarity of all the nozzles, except the C and LC. They were unchanged. I then left a paper towel with piezo flush under the print head for 24 hours, did two cleanings, and a power cleaning, and the results are still the same. I am wondering if the next step is to try getting a piezo flush cart and try cleaning the line, or if I should continue trying to clean the head. I’ve attached a picture of the nozzle check. Thank you.

It’s not good to print with totally clogged nozzles (that can make the nozzles burn out).

I don’t see a picture attached here . . .

These print-heads and dampers get air-locked regularly (a good proportion of the posts on this forum of late have been related to x900 head issues). Piezoflush and init-fills tend to fix this but you gotta make sure the cleaning assembly doesn’t have tons of crud in it. Look at our videos and also our docs in our manuals section ( for more.


When we cleaned the cleaning assembly, great step by step video by the way, there was quite a bit of crud there. After the cleaning, all of the colors became sharper and a slight smear was fixed, but the C and the LC did not clear up. The nozzle check before and after the cleaning was unchanged for these two colors. I keep getting an error when I try to upload the jpg of the nozzle check. May I email it to you?

email it to me walker at inkjetmall dot com