Clog Problems with the 9800



My printer has been working great for a year and a half, with no real major problems. When I started printing the other day, I ran the test print and saw a lines didnt print out well on the test print. Ran a cleaning, and after the cleaning I lost Magenta all together. Nothing I could do would get it back. Ran 3 power cleanings, cried watching all the ink drain, and noticed that the magenta ink levels were not changing at all, and I was getting some black lines where the magenta should be.

I opened everything up and got into the dampers. The magenta had blackish brown ink inside it. I removed the damper and checked it to see if it was still air tight, it was. I put everything back together and did another cleaning cycle, and I got magenta back. There were still blank spots on the test strip, so I ran it one more time, and lost Magenta again.

I am pretty sure I need a new damper, but I wanted to run this past you guys first to see if there might be other problems.



You need a new damper AND cleaning assembly.

One should not be replaced without the other also.

The damper assembly is most likely messed up and causing back pressure that is sucking mixed ink back into the magenta right after a vacuum of the cleaning assembly. This could be initially caused by a faulty cleaning assembly so replace both.



What parts are involved in the cleaning assembly? I spoke to Wells, and he recommended compass micro as the place to get them, but the only thing I can identify as part of the cleaning assembly is the wiper blade.

Sorry for the pedantic questions, but this is my first time getting this deep into my printer.


The cleaning assembly is a unit that includes the pad, vacuum, and wiper base (wiper blade possibly sold separately). is the place to go for this.



FYI, there is the possibility that the ink inlet is also funky.

It may be worth it to simply get another used 9800 (probably the same price as the parts at this point) or a used 9890.



Thank you for your responses!! I hope it doesn’t come to that…


OK, So I replaced the damper, got everything fixed nice and tight, and got a clean nozzle check. Hurrah!!! Not so fast. On my first print that I tried, everything had a terrible magenta cast to it, and there was Magenta Ink running down the side of the paper. When I checked the print carriage again, Magenta Ink was pooling up on the inside of the printer. I pulled the damper again, and even though the damper was on there tight, ink was dripping out of the bottom of the damper where it connects to the nozzle. (sorry if my verbiage for these parts isn’t correct, I’m doing the best that I can.) So, What is going on? Any Ideas?



the damper is on TOO tight


so that will cause it to drip out?


I guess the better question is, how do you tell the correct tightness?


yes. This is the hardest damper assembly of any epson printer to replace. You want it minimally tight but not loose.