Cleaning with Quadcon RIP doesn't work

Hello, I have installed piezo flush on my R3000 printer. I have successfully used the Adjustment program to flush the colors out the first time. But it still printed in color. So I have tried to use it a second time. It didn’t work. The support advised me to Flush it using Quadcon RIP program. I have installed this program and I did as it was said in the forum. BUT it didn’t work out, it’s like when I clicked the “print” button it didn’t send the instruction to my computer. My printer icon on the right bottom corner shows an error message : “error writing to printer”.
How can I do second flush I need to get reed of the colors that still remain in my printer ? Thanks for your help.

The chips available for R3000s only allow 1 flush. Then you have to print with them until they reset at which point a second flush is allowed (as long as all of the chips have set to full). It’s a limitation of existing available chip technology for this specific printer model (and the P600 as well).

More importantly, where you using this flush to clean your printer or using it to convert to Piezography? If you are not able to clear the head of pure color ink with an initial fill this points to a problem in the printer.


Hello Walker, I was using this flush to clean my printer before converting it to Piezography. When I did this first flush, almost all the colors turned to a pink color apart from one in which you could see there was still blue color remaining. What would you advise me to do from now if I want to use piezography on my R3000 ? This first flush won’t be enough ?

Please post a photo of the nozzle check, though most likely it’s ready to go straight to piezo at this point.