Cleaning up spilt ink from Corian sinks

Bright Boy thought he’d save the mess and refill some cartridges in the kitchen sink. Bad idea. Black and Cyan stains all over the Corian. Regular bleach didn’t touch it. I bought some ‘Pool Shock’ bleach (12.5%) at a hardware store, a gallon was $2.99. I lined the sink with paper towels. I sprayed the bleach on the towels so it would stay in contact longer, and let it sit overnight. I then scrubbed the stains with a copper brillo-style pad. Viola! Stains gone. (Rust stains, too)

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 1.14.41 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 1.14.31 PM

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 1.14.21 PM