Cleaning Makes it Worse

I used to know the answer to this, but of course now that I need it, I forget.

Each time I get a bad nozzle check on my 4880 (or other wide format Epson), I do a cleaning and then another color drops out. It’s usually the same one or two colors. I was thinking it was the capping station, but now I think I’m remembering it’s the dampers. That might make more sense due to the fact that cleaning causes ink to run through the lines quickly.

What do you think?

  • Steve

This is most likely a dying or clogged vacuum on the cleaning assembly. In our maintenance tips there is workflows for cleaning the assembly.


Thanks. Which part of these instructions relate to this issue?

  • Steve

I can’t find anything related to the vacuum or pump

normally this is all part of the “cleaning assembly”

So, you mean I need to clean or replace the capping station?

I have a 4880 that is recently deceased due to an electrical problem that I’ve been unable to correctly identify and repair. In preparation for converting this printer over to Piezography inks, I planned to replace the pump/capping station, flushing box, dampers, and wiper blade. I purchased these parts from Compass Micro last winter, but never got to the point of installing them. If Steve (or anyone else) could use them, I’ll sell them for half of what they cost me from Compass. I’m not quite ready to part out the printer itself yet, but there will be that too eventually.