Cleaning capping station gasket and wiper blade on 3800 / 3880



Hi Dana,

Quick question: in reviewing your instructions / video on 3800 / 3880 maintenance procedures you indicate using a Q-tip for cleaning the capping station gasket and wiper blade. I have also noticed in the video(s) what looks to be a plastic long-handled foam ended cleaning stick. Do you have a preference? Have you seen any cottony residue from using a Q-tip? If using the plastic / foam stick do you have brand that you prefer?



Hi Dana,

After doing a little research I found a company called swab-its, at They actually make a line of printer cleaning swabs, with this description in one of the uses listed: “Printer Cleaning: Great for cleaning wiper blades, the capping stations, and the print heads during daily maintenance.” Here is a link to the page:



Swab its are great for cleaning printers (and other things), and we now prefer them over Q-tips