CIS empty lines

I have noticed a few lines from the CIS carts to the cartridge print head are empty or about to be empty. Please see images. So far, no head clogs or any problems, but I need to solve this ASAP obviously. Please advise.

Refill your CISS and re-prime your cartridges.


In normal operation there is always a tiny air pocket at the top of the cartridge that is inserted into the printer. This air never makes it to the ink inlet stem though.

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Thanks. these air pockets are the length of the entire lines. Is that normal?

If they are the length of the entire line (and you still have ink in the ink tanks) you need to raise the ink tanks a bit and do a few cleanings (or really re-do the cartridge priming procedure).


I’ll do that tomorrow.

do you have a quick link to the cartridge priming procedure?

It’s been a while since I started this. So far, I’m loving the prints.

thanks for your kind help

keep me posted when you guys get the XP-15000 DN system up. I’m in!



Walker- should i remove the carts from the printer area and use those syringes to re-prime? I’m hoping to bypass any air or dried ink going thru the heads. thoughts?


PDF is here: