Choosing the right paper

Just thinking aloud, but how do others go about deciding on which paper to use for a print?

Do you have 1 or 2 papers you just stick with?

What is the criteria for choosing either a textured paper or smooth paper?

I like textured paper, but have printed some B&W image with lots of very smooth tone transitions on smooth and they do look very good.

The wide choice of very good papers does not make things easy either.


I say just buy some paper and see what you like. Don’t succumb to analysis paralysis. For Piezo, here is a list of supported papers. I would start there.

I don’t think one or two test sheets is enough to decide, so just run a box of 25 sheets in A4 or letter and compare it to another paper. Decide which you like best. Keep ordering the paper you like and switch when you find one you like better. The good news is that they are all good paper, so you can’t go wrong.