Chips Won't Reset


I recently got an Out Of Ink message on Epson 7880 printer. I reset the chip, but when I went to print, the message was still there . In fact, I noticed it was calling for ALL of the carts! I haven’t done any firmware updates that I know of. Am I no longer able to use 3rd party inks? Is there a fix?


This is normal function for refill carts with the 7880/9880 printer model. As per our instructions for this model cart under the refilling section:
“Some printer models do not display ink levels when using third-party cartridges, but the printer will still indicate a cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced, though will not specify which cart. At this time refill any carts that are low and reset ALL cartridge chips.”

Please reset all 8 cartridge chips, then accept the “non-OEM ink” message, and your printer should be ready to print again.

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

It’s not accepting the MK cartridge. I’ve tried resetting it 3 times. Anything else I can try?

what is the exact message displayed on the printer’s LCD panel? Have you reset all 8 cartridge chips? Is your printer in MK or PK mode?

“Replace Ink Cartridge”, MK is blinking.

Yes, I reset them all.

I tried a different resetter. It reset all except the MK. It won’t turn green with that resetter.

I just reviewed your order history, and see you bought refill carts for a 7800/9800 printer model, not 7880 as you stated above. Are you in fact using a 7800 printer model?
Your order history shows the 7800 refill carts were purchased in 2011, so you have been using them for several years, in which case I suspect you’re dealing with a worn out chip, and should replace the MK cartridge chip. Chips can wear out over time, or get shorted out from static electricity, so we recommend everyone have a set of spare chips on hand to be able to quickly replace a chip when needed, and resume printing without down time. You can get replacement chips for the 7800/9800 here:, and instructions are available on the Instruction tab on the product page.

Please let me know if you have further questions or there’s anything else I can help you with.
Warmly~ Dana