Chips with better ink levels readings?

Hi all, very happy user of both inks and carts for my 3880. So far I’ve had zero issue (knock on wood!). My only gripe is that I have to guesstimate the ink levels since they remain at full to almost full all the time on the printer lcd screen. Checking levels on the actual carts is also almost impossible.
Any next generation chips in the works?

I’m always puzzled by posts like this. IJM HIGHLY recommends you shake your cartridges every two weeks to keep the pigments in suspension. A 3880 is a fairly heavy machine, so my guess is you don’t lift and shake the entire machine every two weeks. My method is to remove each cartridge and shake it every two weeks (I’m not religious about this) and EVERY time before I print (I am religious about this). I can tell in an instant if the cart is less than 1/2 full. Less than 1/2 full and it gets refilled. An empty cartridge raises havoc. Why risk it? As for next generation chips; the 3880 has been discontinued so my guess any R&D goes toward the P600 and P800.

I will voice my appreciation for this thread. ARC is great, when the reset is controlled and I would love to have ARC for the 38xx series that would reset only when they fall below 10% or so. As it is today, they reset often enough that even a day of constant printing will not show accurate levels. This is dangerous, since the printer can run a cartridge dry without you knowing it. When I have my printer running all day, there is no need to take the cartridges out and shake them. Instead, I must remember to stop printing to physically look at each cartridge! Doing so increments the “removal counter” and eventually, I will have to reset it with the Service Program.

To avoid some of these issues, I removed the ink door. A cut piece of cardboard fools the door sensor, and I can now get a feel for ink levels with a flashlight. I can also refill with the printer off, so it doesn’t know that I’ve removed a cartridge.
The annoyance could be mitigated by having fully transparent cartridges, rather than the frosted plastic today. China: You have been notified! :wink: