Chips not working on new carts

Although I am a little late to the party, I’m having the same problem with the chips in new carts as has been reported earlier on this forum. I bought a refill set of 9800 carts and ink back in February of 2014, intending to swap them in as the OEM carts emptied. However, health problems intervened, and the printer has been parked since April, 2014, with flush in its lines.

I’m much better, now, thanks, and am trying to get back into things. Because the OEM carts are far past their fresh date, yesterday I took the new refillables from their packaging, while observing good static protocols, filled them with the Conecolor inks, and attempted to install them. The printer refused to recognize any of them, showing “ink cart error” on the screen and a flashing symbol in place of the usual cart graphic.

I reset two of the carts, but saw no improvement, so I left the others alone. I swapped the flush (also refillable) carts back in and all was well. I put in the OEMs, and they checked out, showing a little over half-full. The new refillables went back into place. Nada.

The printer is now back on the flush carts. A manual nozzle test with the fluid shows, as near as I can tell, all nozzles doing well.

Hoping you can help,
Walter Hawn

Hi Walter~

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better, and able to get back into things now.

After reviewing your order history, I see you purchased the set of 7800/9800 refill carts and ConeColor ink in Feb 2014 (as you indicated above), and another set back in 2010 (which I assume is the set you’re using with flush?)

Please look at the labels on the refillable flush carts and refillable ConeColor carts to check the part#s. The 7800/9800 cartridge part#'s should all start with T563x (“x” being the last digit, which identifies the color position, for example 8 for MK, 2 for C and 5 for LC , etc…). If your ink cartridge part#'s start with T604x, or a different code, please let me know.

Thanks~ Dana

HI Dana,

I am using the first set for flush – and the part numbers are T563x on all of them.

Thanks for your attention,
Walter Hawn

Thanks for the additional information Walter. It’s strange that both sets of carts have the same part #'s, but only one set is recognized by your printer… I will send you a set of 7800/9800 chips to use on your set of ConeColor carts, in place of the current chips. Please follow the instructions here to replace your cartridge chips:, it is very important that chips are attached flat/flush on the cartridge before installing a cartridge into the printer.

Please let me know how your second set of carts works with the new chips, if you have questions, or there’s anything else I can help you with.

Warmly~ Dana

Thanks, much, Dana!

Thanks for your help, Dana. I installed the new chips I received today and am happy to report they all worked the first time, and ConeColor inks are every bit as good as Epson’s for color. I printed a test print, with bars and people and objects and such, and compared it to one I’d done with the Epson inks and could find no discernible difference. Dot spread was identical and I saw no shift in colors, at all, whether in the bars or in the objects.

You are very welcome whawn. Thanks for the update, I’m glad to hear the new chips are working well for you, and you’re pleased with ConeColor inks.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile: