Chip resetters for Epson 9800 IJM carts

I now have three chip resetters purchased from IJM (or maybe only two of them) for my 9800. All no longer work. I have tried replacing batteries. Do these just have a “life” to them? Now I need to buy another.

This is very strange, because I have been using the same one resetter for the past 6+ years on all our studio printers (6x 7880/9880 and a 9800), and have never had to even replace the batteries.
Have you checked the battery connections, to make sure there’s no corrosion or loose connections? Have the resetters been dropped (which could damage the board inside)?

I bought a giant box of batteries a few years ago because the batteries seem to die very quickly. Yes the connections are clean and I never have dropped them.

hmmm… that hasn’t been my experience, and I wonder why yours are acting this way. I will send you a new resetter, and hope you have better results with this one.

Best regards~ Dana

FYI, the new resetters we have don’t use batteries, and are USB powered.

Great, thank you so much. Is the one for the 9800 carts lined up better too, the ones I have have to be used at a weird angle because of design of cart, plastic tab is in the way? USB - excellent!

Got the chip resetter, works perfect. But you said the new ones use USB for power, not this one???