Chip resetter not resetting 2880 carts



in the past, I have used the chip resetter to successfully reset my 2800 carts. However recently, the resetter is not resetting the 2880 carts. I get 2 blinks of the red light and a final red light rather than a green light.


Hi Jeff~

I just reviewed your order history, and don’t see that you purchased 2880 carts or a 2880 resetter from us (unless maybe it was under a different name/account?).

Without knowing which carts or resetter you’re using, the age, etc… I can tell you generally if a resetter used to reset a cartridge chip, but now doesn’t, then it may be the cartridge chip or resetter that’s worn out, or they’re not making a good connection. You can test the resetter on a different cart/chip, and if it works correctly, try it on the first cart again, and if it still doesn’t work on the first cart/chip, then I would suspect that chip has worn out and can no longer be reset. With our refillable carts, they can be refilled/reset many times, but we recommend getting a new set every year for the best results.

I hope this helps, best regards~ Dana :slight_smile: