Chip resetter for Epson P9000 maintenance tank

Do you have one yet for the Epson Sure Color P9000 maintenance tank? The one for the 9900 does not work.

Any response?

Do not expect any chip resetters or refillable cartridges or cartridge resetters for the P9000. It has been designed to NOT WORK without OEM chips and it is not understood as to how to reprogram OEM chips. This is the first generation of printers that Epson has locked the user into OEM. They state this in their literature… Designed only to work with Epson cartridges. They really mean that!

Whats does that mean for you? Is this war?

No war for us.

There are several chip vendors working on strategies now. My understanding is that a circuit board will be introduced quickly but it will violate the warranty of the printer to install it and turn off the chip recognition. That is being done now on certain of the high end Epson label printers as well as the lower cost label printers that were employing new chip technologies.

For a refillable cart, it will take time for a chip to be designed. Maybe a year or more for these - unless there is a breakthrough that can get around the inability to write back to the chip a date and other critical informations.

A lot of OEM customers are taking the 15-20% ink trapped in their OEM carts and recycling it. You and I both know someone that is fueling a community printing center by reclaiming Epson Pro inks.

This is just an opinion, but sooner or later a consumer group will get on a bandwagon and raise hell. I think that they went through this originally with Ford Motor Company and that is why the Sherman Anti-Trust Act exists - and we are not buying Ford Oil for our F-150s. 15-20% wastage in an “empty” cart is probably what will get consumers upset and the OEM can raise prices when there is no competition.

Hopefully it does not fall flat on its face like the class action suit over the 7900/9900 heads. It was tried but did not get enough people to sign up in Epson’s US home state, California. I went through three heads on mine, just gave up and got the P9000. Hopefully they have improved reliability.

You know that it is actually the exact same print head, right?

My opinion is that by adding firmware to allow you to adjust how often it cleans and purges itself while supposedly improving reliability actually makes additional profits in ink wastage - all without having to invest in retooling. My further opinion is that our market deserved the 2nd generation head which went into $100,000 label printers - but increasing ink profits is actually more profitable than increasing head reliability… You will probably be the first to report every few months or so how it goes (in terms of ink costs) and how it goes (in terms of clogging compared to the same head in the 9900).

Somebody said the head is a newer version(same head), hopefully with some improvements. Time will tell.

my opinion:

new head = new head factory
go read Epson annual report
the new head factory they invested in is not making this head
it makes heads for $100,000 business inkjet printers - with some really cool features such as missing jet detection / replacement
the new head increased the size of the chamber between nozzles which stopped the channels from frying
that would have fixed this issue - but the cost of retooling a new head is 100s of millions and our market is not producing the returns that business inkjet is.
business inkjet is the new epson.

hopefully the reliability despair will only be replaced by uses more ink despair rather than same issues despair - which I think will tip LF customers over the edge. i do hope your printer is more reliable. if it is not, we can not even supply you with products to fix it. my understanding is that they have a new service contract as well as a new warranty prohibiting the use of 3rd party media. my opinion is that with the new Epson legacy products they see no reason for you to want Canson or Hahnemuhle or Moab papers… Using them will void your warranty so make sure that you hide them when you get a service visit. you are going to have to keep an Epson kosher studio with Epson materials on one side and all the others on the other side with a locked door in between in order to satisfy the requirements of their new warranty and service agreement. this Sure is a whole new world, Mark!

I am trying something new with this printer. I decided to not get Epson’s extended warranty, I went with Square Trade, 3 year warranty for less then $600. I talked with several people who use them and if they can not fix an issue they write a check for the cost of a new printer, two people said this is what they did when their head failed. They seem to evaluate over the phone if it worth them sending service to fix issues. You would think at some point they will catch on, its not a great deal for them. Their business is primary extended warranties for cell phones, laptops and household appliances. This might come back to bite me someday, time will tell on that one too.

that sounds really really good.
let us know your experience with that as well.

How does this sit with the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? (We non-US types don’t understand how this Act works.)

Let me know how this printer holds up for you over time. I’m actually thinking about buying the p6000 (in February) in hopes the new models don’t have as many head issues. I have been through 3, x890 series in the past three years (on my third now). It has been killing me that Epson knows of this problem and their only solution is to send techs out to replace a faulty head.