Chip resetter for 3880 waste tank doesn't light green



I bought a chip resetter for my 3880 waste tank this past winter
I used it for the first time last week and followed the instructions
carefully. It flashed red a couple of times then lit solid red
and not solid green as described. Is it defective.


Hi platpal~

I moved your post to a new thread, to keep separate from the other user’s thread.

Did you try the waste tank resetter more than once? The resetter pins and chip contacts must have a good connection to work correctly.
Does the tank you’re trying to reset read totally full, and your printer tells you it needs to be replaced, or does it read almost full?

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana


If you have a spare ink cartridge laying around, try resetting that chip. The resetter I received will reset the OEM cartridge chips as well. If that lights green then perhaps you have a bad maintenance cart.
Since the reset procedure requires 2 maintenance cartridges anyway, try resetting both. It won’t harm the “empty” one.
If it lights red for everything, I’d say the resetter is defective. If it goes green for any of these though, I’d say the chip you’re trying to reset is instead.


I tried the resetter on a spare cart. It did the same thing, flashed red twice then turned solid red.


Thanks for letting us know, I’ll have a replacement resetter sent to you.


Thanks so much!


You’re very welcome! Please let us know your results with the new resetter.