Chip resetter does not reset cartridge now

Have been using your product for awhile now, with great results. The last three refills that I have done, the red light does not come on, with the chip resetter. Is there a battery that need to be replaced? Also, the printer shows I am at 3% on my ink, but I am full, (thus the non-reset). Will it continue to print since I have ink, or will it shut down automatically?

You need to reset the reseter:

Reset the Chip Resetter (battery style resetter):
Occasionally, chip resetters need to be reset just like any computer does. To reset your resetter, please open it by unscrewing the two screws (or prying with a razor) then inside you will find a board with three round batteries attached (batteries are on the same side of the board as pins that touch the chip contacts). Gently pry up one tab holding each battery down and slide the three batteries out of place. Wait 30 seconds then slide them securely back into place (it doesn’t matter which battery goes into which spot, they’re all the same) and put the resetter back together. Test the resetter on a different cartridge chip (sometimes a faulty chip can short out the resetter, so testing on a different cart chip rules out the chip).


I own two of the large format chip resetters that utilize a computer USB connection for power. I used these resetters on a refillable 7800 cart that had a bad/shorted chip. I localized the problem to the bad chip by replacing with another cart, and then used the chip that registered good on the cart I was trying to use to get up and running.

The problem that remains is that now I have two USB large format chip resetters that need to be reset. How can I reset these USB resetters that don’t have batteries? BTW I now own a third large format chip resetter. LOL.

I understand you guys are on vacation. No sense of urgency, and I hope you are well rested. Thanks in advance.

Just to be accurate, did you try the USB resetter one a third “good” chip to see if it still worked?

These USB resetters are much more resistant to bad chips.