Chip reset on a 3880

I tried to refill as usual my K7 cartridges, this time with Piezo Pro inks (they are genuine Epson cartridges, that I refill for some years), and this cannot run, this printer doesn’t recognize the VLM one.
I also was not able to reset the PK and LLK
I reset the chip, as usual, tried with refillable cartridges, nothing works, the prompt says VLM not present.
Can someone help ?

I also tried a paper folded under the cartridges, and others chips and other cart, reset.
nothing helps

We are not aware of any chip resetters for Original Epson 3800 or 3880 cartridges. We do provide a chip resetter for the maintenance tank but it will not work on OEM cartridge chips. You should make an enquiry with the person who sold you a chip resetter for OEM cartridges.

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Please take out the control chip and look at its bottom. There should be three prongs. One is possible stuck in. It needs to be carefully pulled (tweezed) back out so that all of these prongs make contact with the OEM chip below. The is step one.

Step 2, tape over the 3 solder points on the control chip so it seats more securely into the cart.

The resetter (as Jon mentions) is for the maintenance tank only. Most likely it’s a control chip issue.



Your company did, some years ago.


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Dear Gilles, InkjetMall has never sold a chip resetter for the 38xx printers, only maintenance tank resetters.


sorry, I didn’t write precisely enough, probably because of my terrible french nationality :wink:
I tried to reset the OEM refillable carts I bought by you, with the USB carts chips resetter I bought by you (I would be very surprised that it could have been bought anywhere else).
But it doesn’t change much more the end, no one is able to repair my 14 years old 3880, that is actually in cause. I keep it in my palliative care unit, waiting for some miracle.
I run K7, and now Pro for years, with great satisfaction, and without any trouble to these days.
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