Changing Mac OS

If I update my current iMac operating system from Lion (10.7.5) to El Capitan (10.11) will all of the current pieces of the QTR & Piezography systems work properly? Will I have to make any modifications?



I would rather be someone watching you do the upgrade to the latest Mac OSX and telling us what it knocked out on your end - than asking others.

FWIW, El Capitan knocked out 4K video editing for me in Premiere. Adobe said wait to upgrade when I went to Adobe for help. Luckily, I was able to downgrade using Time Capsule. I always regret upgrading within the first six months of a major upgrade. But, Time Capsule makes it possible to downgrade.

So, if you are using Time Capsule, and you find after testing all of the applications you use that you need to downgrade because something is not working - you can.

I would upgrade, install all new application upgrades that it requires. Test all the things that are vital to your workflow (not just in QTR). Then make your decision by informing yourself. Its too risky to base a decision to upgrade on one application. Test everything you can not live without!


I figured as much. Thanks, Jon!

Even better than Time Machine is Carbon Copy Cloner. I use both. CCC creates a bootable disk which gives a rapid fallback and recovery. You can guarantee that between Adobe, Apple or Epson something is going to go wrong particularly if you are coming from Lion. I’m still on Mavericks and not upgrading any time soon.

Great idea Jeff!