Changing Ink Selector on 9890

I am getting ready to change the ink selector on my 9890 and am finding that the Field repair guide does not make mention of draining the ink but the service manual does. What is the proper procedure to replace this part?

If draining the ink is the appropriate method, how can it be done without the Epson draining cartridges?

Lastly, I failed to order the 2 gaskets that are part of this part replacement, can I clean up the current gaskets and use them or must I replace them?



This is not required and is not done in the field generally.

You NEED new gaskets. These are very important (and cheap little parts). They used to come with the ink selector unit but for some stupid reason now they don’t.


Thanks Walker.

What prevents the ink from leaking all over the place?

My understanding is that after replacement of the ink selector I need to perform a power clean in order to prime the dampers, is this correct?


The o-rings.

Yes. You need to perform a power cleaning.

I think you misunderstood me. When the ink lines are removed from the selector, what prevents them from leaking?

The instructions indicate you need to turn off (de-pressurize) the printer. I also take the carts out before disconnecting the lines.

There will still be a few small leaks. I simply wrap some paper town around the ends of the ink lines while working on the rest of the printer.


I have gotten the ink selector replaced and am curious how many power cleans I can safely run to flush out the old ink and have the new ink completely in the system.

Or, is there a better way to do this?

Please ignore the above question, I just did an init fill and that seems to have worked properly.