Changing from MK to PK with purge files

Hello , does anyone have any clever tips or ideas as to how I can establish whether I am getting MK or PK ink coming through? I am using a 9800 loaded with PiezoPro inks. I originally had the MK cart installed. I switched to the PK cart, I am trying to purge the line using the 'K Purge" file, but i am printing and printing and it all looks the same to me? I can’t tell whether the PK has come through yet? Is there any trick to tell when the PK has come through?

the way I did it was to get two chips a MK and a PK … and be real careful not to mix them up, and then try each in the cartridge. The one that works is the one that the machine is selecting for.

When I have problems with an individual color, I replace offending color/cartridge with a PF cartridge and purge until I see PF and a good nozzle check. Then there is no doubt about what the next color will be when it starts printing with the ink installed. Desertlands also had good point if you are not marking them well.

Thanks for the suggestions! I messed up. For a variety of stupid reasons I got confused as to whether I had MK or PK in the lines. (i have 2x carts, one containing PK ink and one containing MK ink, both the carts have a MK chip) So I guess I was asking if there was a way to determine which K was coming out the head, short of having to waste a bunch of ink by printing K purge files. Just went ahead and purged!