Changing DX5 printhead on epson 7800 (utilized with SEL inks for meth3)

Hi everybody,

The printhead from my 7800 is dead with a great leak of ink
one month earlier.
It’s an old one I have bayed “refurbished”. It run 2 years without
problem but…

After time consuming to find a new DX5 and a new capping station too,
I want to know if it’s better to restart with OEM inks and converting
again after that or if I can start directly with piezo inks (methodology 3).
This is the set that is actually installed on it.
The first operation after changing head is to run a power cleaning to help the ink
run through the head and proceed to alignments.
I have the soft to initialize new head code, align it and do all the maintenance,
but I don’t want to crash it with a wrong ink choose.
Dampers are new.

Second question:
I can’t do this repair before end of July.
Do you think it’s better to purge and replace inks with piezoflush
despite the printhead is broken.
Or I can let it all in place and do it when I come back?

Actually in order to maintain it in “good condition”,
I run it sometime and print a small chart. Just enough time
before it really leak the ink ( yellow channel as I see).
After that I remove the cartridge pressurization to avoid the leak
and see the content of this cartridge go to the trash… :frowning:

Thank in advance for your answer.

Jean-Pascal (from France)

I’m slowly diving into un-replied-to posts that were buried by our previous forum software years ago.

Yikes. Sorry for the late reply!!!

By now (and on facebook) I’m sure you know of PiezoDN. Hopefully my replies will be useful for anyone stumbling on this thread.

No. Piezo inks are much easier on printers and heads so I would keep this in printer.

Yes. You can align the head manually with Piezography ink (do the Manual ALL alignment). It needs a loupe but it’s do-able.

This is fine.

Piezo is fine on the head and ink lines so you don’t need PiezoFlush.