Change the new printer

We worked on a studio in Spain with Piezography since 2012. We first set up an Epson 2400, then moved on to a 9800, and then got an Epson 11880 ready to mate and shine because we make large copies.
Printing on the Epson 11880 has been very laborious and has not stopped giving problems that we have been solving daily. At this time and with the new PIEZOGRAPHY PRO and PiezoDN inks and systems, it may be time to think about switching to a printer that, although it does not allow to make bigger copies of 44 ", allows us to work without so many problems and have cartridges guaranteed.
We would like to have in the same printer Piezography Pro (Matte and Gloss) and PiezoDN.
What printer do we recommend within 9XXX models that can afford this with guarantees?

In the USA, the Epson 9900 works better with Piezography inks than it does with OEM inks. More reliable and less head failures. The cartridges we supply are generally solid. I do not think there is another model that will work for you. PiezoDN is not yet available with Piezography Pro - it will be later in Spring. You can start with a K7 system and print using PiezoDN now. It works with any K7 matte / glossy ink set using regular K7 inks (no need for the half shades…). So you are right in between our development cycle. PRO will be PiezoDN capable just not at this moment.

Thanks Jon.
We prefer to make the complete change once Piezography Pro is available with PiezoDN, we have a number of inks and the change involves stopping for a while the production to put the system to the point (curves, etc.).
The former US distributor, InjetSolution, supplied me cartridges loaded with piezography inks that worked better, do you know if the new one has those same cartridges?
Thanks for your help

We did not authorize InkjetSolutions to pre-fill those carts and we stopped our relationship with InkjetSolutions over that and a number of other issues.

Piezography and ConeColor Pro inks are ONLY EVER sold in Vermont PhotoInkjet bottles. That way you can be assured of what you pay for is actually what you get when you see the Vermont PhotoInkjet is raised letters on our unique bottle design!