Change over from Thrift Inks to Cone color inks on a 9900

Changed ink sets on a 9900 from Thrift Inks to Cone color inks. Reset all carts to full, replaced into printer, started up in “Servicemen mode” and did an “Init Charge”, followed by 2 normal clean cycles. Got perfect nozzle check.

Does that Init Charge, flush all 11 inks? or does it not charge the “Matt Black” ink, if the settings was for “Photo Black” at the time for the re-charge.

Hi Dave~

My understanding is the Initial Charge fills/flushes all 11 channels at the same time (like when the printer is brand new, and you install the set of carts, it does an automatic Initial Charge, which fills all the ink lines at once), however the power clean or regular cleaning cycles will only clean the black ink that the printer is in the mode of.

Please let me know if you have questions or there’s anything further that I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Great… So that when I pull the carts, and install flush carts, and do an Init Charge from servicemen’s mode, it will put the flush into the head for storage. Do I need to do any additional clean cycles?

After doing the initial fill cycle, you can visually look at the internal ink lines to make sure they are all pink with PiezoFlush, then print a nozzle check to make sure all positions are fully printing pink. If you see any ink remaining, then you can do a few regular or power cleaning cycles at this time to purge any stubborn ink from the lines and dampers.

~Dana :slight_smile:

Dana I am now having again a problem with the printer recognizing the cart on the left side of the printer. Upon startup I get a error that there is no “Cyan” cart and please install a new cart. I open the left side cart door, wait 30-45 seconds, and close. The printer starts to reset for about 5 seconds, and then goes back into no Cyan cart. Repete again without touching the carts, and then I get the whole left side ( all 6 carts ) saying no cart error. Shut down, wait 60+ seconds, and restart, again back to all 6 carts not recognized. I unplug the printer from the wall power, and let set for 15 min. and restart, Again the cyan error, and followed by the left side error.

I have already Mickey Moused the carts with the card stock on the side to better fit to the left side on the cart slots, and that seemed to help a bit up until this week, when I started to get the left side error again. I have restarted the printer 20+ times, with and without the cart door open, and with and without the wall plug pulled. I have “reset to full” all the chips with the power unplugged, and that did not make any difference.

New 9900 printer Aug 5th 2015, and your carts were immediately installed after initial charging of the Epson inks.

Hi Dave~

I have a few questions before proceeding. First, after reviewing your order history, I don’t see that you’ve purchased any 9900 carts, ConeColor or InkThrift inks from us- did you purchase these products from one of our resellers? If so, which company did you purchase from, and when?
Do you still have your initial set of Epson carts? If so, are they all correctly recognized by your printer?
Did you attach a piece of card stock to the carts in only one bay, or all carts in both bays?

Please let me know, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

Dana, I purchased the carts from you, with a full set of Thrift Inks for an 9900. I put the folded card stock on the carts on the left side cart bay only, after having fought this issue earlier, when I have a random cart on the right side say " No Cart " error, it generally cleans the error code after the second “Open and Close” of the Ink Door. I subbed two of the original carts and they were recognized, but they are all but empty, and that did not fix the issue with your chips being recognized.

I need to get some wall murals made! I am going to try replacing some chips from my other 9900 (with a different Ink set) onto your carts to be able to get printing.

Hi Dave~

I apologize, but can not find the purchase of these items on your account, and can only find one account with your name in our system. Is there any chance you purchased the color inks and 9900 refill carts from us under a different name/account? Please understand, I need to verify you purchased these products from us before I can continue supporting you with them. A quick suggestion though- the left push trick should be done on ALL carts in both bays.

Please let me know, thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

Thank you for the good customer service… Try, Elegant Images, 87401, Ashley Furniture, 87417, Davalli LLC, 87402

Account #23399

I have been dealing with Wells within your organization, maybe you’ve heard of him?

I have replaced all the chips on the left side Cone Color ink carts with another manufactures chips, from my second 9900. All 6 carts were instantly recognized by the printer and I have not had to do the “Open and Close the Ink Door” thing since swapping out the chips from the other set. This leads me to believe that there might be a an issue with the chips.
The probability of all six chips going bad at the same time, and then some working for a while, and quitting again seems quit high. I do need the working chips back on the other printer soon.

Any help and suggestions and would be greatly appreciated.