Change my old 9900 with which surecolor PXXXX?

Hello everyone,
I have several parts to change on my 9900 (piezo pro) and today the cost of its repair is almost the price of a new p8000/9000 + a complete change of cartridges for the piezo…I don’t know these last two models. Do you have any recommendations or feedback on the p8000/p9000 for the piezo pro? Thank you in advance.

I’ve been using the P9000 for several years on Pro without issue. it’s much more robust than the 9900.

You need the 700 mL carts we sell but can use all the same ink that you have in the 9900.

Thank you Walker. What about the firmware, can I use a P9000 with the latest version or do I have to get a machine with a specific firmware?

ok if I read this: Universal 700mL Cartridge Instructions
no matter the firmware I have to add the One Time chips,50380,50378,50379

Until today so the latest firmware version of a p9000 did not block your chips, is that correct?



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